Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

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Hello Gorgeous 
Last week I purchased some new nail products and they finally arrived *yeeeea*
I already had a dotting tool from Essence but only one size so I decided to buy a set of 5 dotting tools. Now I have like 10 different sizes and that will make new nail design sooo much easier! 
Besides that the handels are so cute and each one has a different color - definitely a huge bonus ;)
Bought these via Amazon.de (here) and I would really recommend these because I think you really don't need to buy expensive ones to achieve good results! These are totally fine and they are really affordable.

I bet you'll see me use them quite often in the upcoming posts ;) 
Moving on to the second package..
Besides the dotting tools I also ordered some microbeads and a stamping plate from this german website. You have to take a look whether they ship to your country.
So here are further acquisitions ;)
Although I really like the colors (they don't show up that well on this picture) I was disappointed with the amount. I haven't tried them out but it seems as if I can only achieve 3 or 4 carviar nails with each color :(
The stamping plate was quite expensive (since I'm sure I'll only use 4 or 5 motives of it :D)
But I once saw such a pretty nail design with a white feather on top of a teal nail so I had to buy it!

Hope you enjoyed this kind of post! What do you think about the things I bought? Do you like them? Do you have any suggestions for the next post?
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