Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

Mail Blog!

Hello Gorgeous 
Last week I purchased some new nail products and they finally arrived *yeeeea*
I already had a dotting tool from Essence but only one size so I decided to buy a set of 5 dotting tools. Now I have like 10 different sizes and that will make new nail design sooo much easier! 
Besides that the handels are so cute and each one has a different color - definitely a huge bonus ;)
Bought these via Amazon.de (here) and I would really recommend these because I think you really don't need to buy expensive ones to achieve good results! These are totally fine and they are really affordable.

I bet you'll see me use them quite often in the upcoming posts ;) 
Moving on to the second package..
Besides the dotting tools I also ordered some microbeads and a stamping plate from this german website. You have to take a look whether they ship to your country.
So here are further acquisitions ;)
Although I really like the colors (they don't show up that well on this picture) I was disappointed with the amount. I haven't tried them out but it seems as if I can only achieve 3 or 4 carviar nails with each color :(
The stamping plate was quite expensive (since I'm sure I'll only use 4 or 5 motives of it :D)
But I once saw such a pretty nail design with a white feather on top of a teal nail so I had to buy it!

Hope you enjoyed this kind of post! What do you think about the things I bought? Do you like them? Do you have any suggestions for the next post?
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Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere. ~Van Gogh

Hello Gorgeous 
For my part I found the beauty right in front of myself - on my balcony ;)
When I saw this flower I thought it would be nice to make it a nail design. 

But since nature is too perfect to reproduce it (everybody should know that!) I used the wonderful colors of this hibiscus as an inspiration for the following nails :)
I used the nail art glitter I mentioned in "PiNKy promise" which I was given as a gift from a few  friends of mine.

So here are the "nature inspired" nails..
While I took the pictures I noticed that maybe this pink lollipop was also inspired by the beauty of nature (or my nails were inspired by french candyyyyyy *yeaa* :D)
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Would love to see you again soon, here on judy's beauty.. :)
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Samstag, 7. Juli 2012

International Kissing Day

Hello Gorgeous 

Today is the international kissing day and I thought why not make a suitable nail design?
I used "Sweets For My Sweets" by Catrice as base color and with a nail art dotting tool I drew little kisses on my nails. For this I picked Artdeco's Ceramic Nail Lacquer in the color 527.
On my index finger I decided to make something else so I took the Essence nail art pen "02 cool black" to write Love on it.

As always I topped it off with the Lumos High Speed TOP Coat to make it shiny and long-lasting.

 So here are the pictures of the "nails to kiss" ;)

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think about the nails! :)

Hope you all have a great day (and maybe the chance to kiss somebody ;) )
If you try out this nail design make sure to link a picture in the comment section. I would love to see your version of it! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you'll stop by again soon ;)
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Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

PiNKy promise ;)

Hello Gorgeous 
How are you doing? Wishing all of you a nice 4th of July :) Since so many bloggers did "stars and stripes" today I decided to do something else and step out of line (sooooorry but just so you know, I love America even without blue/red/white nails!). 
When I was in Paris from 24th to 27th of June I bought a new nailpolish from Maybelline (it was just about 3,70$ so I had(!!) to buy it :D).

Nothing special but I really liked this color - I know I'm a gurly guuuuuurl :D

As a base coat I also used a polish from Maybelline, called express manicure. First I didn't like it that much because it was very sticky. Although in the end it turned out quite well.
But let's have a look at it...

I topped it off with some High Speed TOP Coat by Lumos. I really like this top coat because it really quickens the drying process no matter how many layers you've put on. 

Maybe(lline ;)) I'll upload another nail post this evening because I got some nail glitter for my birthday and really want to try it out :)

So enjoooy your day! Stop by from time to time to see what's new :)

Bye for now,

Bare Nails

Hello Gorgeous
Some time ago a good friend of mine suggested that I should start a nail blog because I paint my nails one way or the other, so why not just post them on a website for others to see?!
Because I just finished school a few months ago I really gave thought to this idea - and it seems like I went for it,right? :D
First of all I want to make clear that I'm not in the least a professional or some such. I'm just a girl from Germany that has nothing else to do (and needed something to kill time). Furthermore I thought that there might be someone out there who could be interested in these naildesigns ;)

Some facts about me - I just turned 19 two days ago, wrote my final exams, graduated from "high school" and live in Germany.
At the moment I'm not sure what the next months will bring besides that I'm looking for a job in order to earn some money and maybe to be able to bankroll some time in the USA as an Au-Pair.

I thought it would be nice to show you my bare nails at the beginning and so here they are..
(I'm really not used to see my nails without anything on them!!! :D)

Actually, I wear the nail polish to hide how grubby my nails are.
Caroline Corr

I haven't quite decided on whether to do a blog only about nails or to include other beauty products such as eyeshadow and other makeup stuff (since this is called "judy's beauty" I guess I'll add other beauty related posts throughout this blog :D).

So I hope you guys will like it and stop by from time to time.
Bye for now, 
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